Slide Temporal Brow Lift The eyebrow can convey facial expressions with even the slightest of movement. Unfortunately, as we age, and our brows move downward on the facial plane sometimes emotions such as anger, fatigue, and sadness can be falsely portrayed. This also increases forehead wrinkles due to patients trying to lift their brows up to see better. The result of a brow lift can bring your face a far more relaxed and refreshed appearance. Dr. Pennington usually will perform what is called a temporal or lateral brow lift, this is one of the least invasive procedures and targets the outer eyebrows, outer corners of the eyes, as well as the temporal skin area. This approach allows for a natural refreshed look and does not give patients the “surprised” look that some other approaches can give. This is accomplished by making two very small incisions in the temporal hairline, this positioning helps disguise any scar as its hidden back in the patient’s hairline. Post Procedure Instructions