Slide This beautiful patient in her mid-60s wanted a natural looking increase of volume in her upper lip without the upkeep of filler. After talking with Dr. Pennington, they both decided a lip lift would be the best option for her as results are permanent and natural. She underwent this procedure which can be performed in office with minimal downtime. She loves her results. She has increased show of lip volume, decreased length of the area under her nose, and less wrinkles around her mouth. Slide This patient wanted help to make the area around her mouth look more youthful. She wanted to look natural and has seen similarly aged women with filler in their lips that looked very unnatural/overdone. She also didn’t like the idea of all the upkeep and repeated injections needed with lip fillers. This patient is 2 weeks out from a sub-nasal lip lift. She loves the results! You can see more of her natural red lip and it has addressed the elongation of the area between her nose and lip that occurs with everyone as they age. The incision and scar are essentially invisible. It’s permanent and can be done in office. Slide This patient initially came in for a lip filler consult due to feeling like her lips had gotten smaller and she looked sad due to the downturn corners of her mouth, but after examination it was felt she was a better candidate for a lip lift and corner lift due to her anatomy. A lip lift is a small excision of skin under the nose area or around the corners of the mouth to help increase the show of a patient’s natural lip. The results are permanent and attained with a simple in office procedure. This patient is happy with her more natural youthful looking lips. Slide This patient in her mid 30's felt her upper lip was out of proportion to lower lip. She wanted a more permanent option than regular lip fillers, and also wanted a natural look. She underwent a short in office procedure called a lip lift. A small "bull horn" strip of skin is removed from the sub-nasal area and then lifted up and sutured in place. This helps expose more of the patients natural lip, and can help even out any areas of asymmetry. Sutures are removed in 5 days, the scar is virtually invisible and patients go back to their normal activity. Slide This beautiful patient was bothered by generalized facial aging, she pointed out laxity in her lower face and stated she felt tired and droopy. After a thorough consultation with Dr. Pennington, it was noted she had been using filler (placed by another provider) to try to reverse the signs of aging but noted minimal improvement. Dr. Pennington suggested considering surgical intervention when filler provides minimal improvement. She suggested a lip lift, which is a procedure that involves removing a small strip of skin from beneath the nose to shorten the distance between the nose and upper lip, which lengthens as we age and cause the upper lip to turn in and appear smaller. The lengthened upper lip can contribute an aged face. The perioral area is commonly ignored by surgeons and over filled by injectors, leading to an unnatural and disproportionate look, due to its difficult nature to address. The filler placed above her lip previously to disquiet wrinkles, causing her to appear disproportionate was dissolved by Dr. Pennington. She then underwent a lower face lift and lip lift. The patient now has fantastic upper lip show without any need for filler less fullness above the lip that can cause that “Bart Simpson” look and great improvement to her lower face proportions: she looks natural, balanced, and refreshed!