Slide Ptosis Repair Ptosis is defined as drooping of the upper eyelid. This can cause a tired or sleepy appearance while also reducing vision. Repairing this issue is meant to not only give the patient a more youthful and vibrant appearance but also to help the patient’s vision. In most people, ptosis is caused by gradual stretching of the tissue that supports the upper lid. This is something that normally occurs with aging or can occur after trauma associated with previous eye surgery such as cataract surgery. To correct this often times Dr. Pennington tightens the muscle responsible for raising the eyelid. The procedure is performed through a small incision in the normal crease of the upper lid. When comparing ptosis repair to a blepharoplasty, ptosis repair involves actually changing the height of the eyelid, or the position at which the eyelid rests on the surface of the eye whereas a blepharoplasty generally requires the removal of tissue including skin and and sometimes fat. In a blepharoplasty the eyelids remain at the same height as before, but the excess skin has been removed.