Skin Cancer Removal Reconstruction

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. A small or contained lesion may be removed with local excision. This is a simple surgical process to remove the lesion from the skin. However, what is visible on the skin’s surface is sometimes only a small portion of the growth. In this case, Dr. Pennington may recommend using “frozen sections” during the removal of the skin cancer to define the borders of the cancerous area. This is done with the assistance of a surgical pathologist being present at the time of the removal to help ensure that the margins are clear of tumor.

Dr. Pennington has the expertise regarding all types of reconstruction necessary after skin cancer removal of the face to ensure not only the highest level of functional return but satisfactory cosmetic results as well.
Dr. Pennington can work with a MOHS dermatologist who will excise and confirm there is no tumor remaining, then leaves the wound open and Dr. Pennington then repairs the area. This is a common way for areas of higher risk such as lesions on the eyelid or nose to be managed.