Slide This wonderful patient presented to our office with complaints about her eyes making her look tired and aged. She not only had cosmetic issues due to the excess skin but functional medical issues as well that were all addressed by Dr. Pennington in a short outpatient upper and lower lid blepharoplasty (eye lid lifts). She is very happy with her results and gets compliments from all of her friends and family. Slide This patient in her mid 50s presented to Dr. Pennington with complaints of puffiness and sagging around her eyes. She felt as if she always looked tired and more matured than she is. She reported being asked if she was tired or not feeling well despite feeling fine. After a consultation with Dr. Pennington, she elected to undergo an upper and lower Blepharoplasty, as well as a lateral browlift. She is so happy with her results. She looks and feels more rested and youthful, while still looking like herself and natural.
Slide This handsome gentleman in his late 60s, presented to Dr. Pennington after noticing that he constantly appeared tired, despite being rested. He also had decreased peripheral vision and felt his eyes were tearing. After a full medical evaluation and determination of medical necessity, he underwent a brow lift, an upper and lower eyelid lift(blepharoplasty), and tightening of the lower eyelid(tarsal strip). Since surgery, he has noticed that his vision has improved, tearing resolved, and he appears more rested and youthful. His results are very natural appearing, none of the incisions are noticeable, and he is very happy with the results. Slide This patient in her 60’s felt that she was looking aged and tired. After a consultation with Dr. Pennington, she chose to undergo a lateral brow lift and blepharoplasty(eyelid lift). Now she looks more rested and youthful. She is so happy with her natural appearing results with no visible scars.