Slide Lip Lift A lip lift in the properly selected patient produces some of the most dramatic improvements seen in plastic surgery today. It is a surgery than can make you look younger and despite the dramatic effect, no one can pinpoint exactly what is different.
The upper lip lift achieves 3 goals:
  • Shortens the distance between the nose and upper lip. In a youthful face this distance is usually about 1cm. As we age the distance tends to get longer and our upper lip tends to “turn in” hiding the upper lip that was once there.
  • Allows for more natural tooth exposure.
  • Helps to roll out that lip that has become “turned in” or inverted. This allows for the red or pink portion of the upper lip to become more visible and enhanced.
This is a procedure that is often overlooked and unnoticed but can make a significant difference. It is performed through a small incision under the nose. This procedure is suitable for young candidates who don’t show much of the upper lip and want to increase lip show in a way that’s more natural and permanent than filler, as well as aging patients who want to shorten the distance between the nose and upper lip for a more youthful appearance and regain the lost volume from their lip inverting over time.
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