What is the number one reason patients come to visit you?
We, as women, are hard on ourselves. We spend hours every day trying to look our best. When we look great and we know we look good, that confidence just spills over into everything that we do. I offer them an opportunity to discretely voice that insecurity, and we then come up with a plan to overcome it. For one woman, it may be some fine lines and wrinkles that she notices that she thinks age her. We can usually treat those with one session in the office with Botox and fillers and have results that last years. For many women, the natural loss of the shape of their upper lip keeps them from feeling young and attractive. There are temporary and permanent surgical solutions to help with that. If there is something that you don’t like about yourself that is located above your collarbones, come see me!

Why do you think those patients should choose you?
There are a lot of great male plastic surgeons in this town who have been here for years. I am the only female private practice facial plastic surgeon in the region though. There is a difference between men and women. I can understand and relate to my patients on such a deeper level. With the recent pregnancy and now breastfeeding, I MISS my Botox! I just feel better about myself when I am getting it regularly. It’s the same with my skin and this recent pregnancy. I know what it’s like not to feel like your best self, and I want nothing more than to help every woman in the city to reach that goal.

So you mentioned surgery as an option you offer? Is that something you do often?
I do. I completed five years after medical school learning about just surgery on the head and neck. I spent another year after that learning about cosmetic surgery on the head and neck. After that, I spent weeks at a time working with some of the most famous plastic surgeons in the country. I am more than prepared to offer any service from skin care advice to a facelift, nose job, blepharoplasty, or many other surgeries. I truly believe all of the surgical training helps me with the Botox and fillers too. I have seen the different muscles and tissue layers of the face in the operating room too many times to count. I know where to place that Botox or filler to get you maximum results for your money.

You keep mentioning women. Do you see any men or children?
Of course! I feel I have something to offer everyone. I am helping a number of men regrow hair. I have helped a number of children with traumatic scars, including some teenagers who are starting to notice those things more and more as they are progressing into womanhood. I am involved in ear piercings, ears that poke out too much, and a cleft lip revision. The treatments I prescribe are always individually tailored, but can apply to vast array of different ages, skin tones, or sex.

So you see kids in your office, how young is too young for a cosmetic consult?
It depends on the case. For example, with ears that stick out and we want to make them less obvious, I would wait for the child to turn five before considering do something about it. The question I get more more often is Botox. Patients in their twenties are coming in and for good reason. The best thing you can do is prevention! So come in and get your skin care and sunscreen. Come get your Botox to prevent wrinkles.

That’s all very informative. Anything else our readers should know?
I have beautiful office and wonderful staff. Come visit us at 6030 Line Avenue Suite 110 in the South Highlands neighborhood of Shreveport. Call today at 318-216-5366 to schedule an appointment. Come see the difference between us and what you are experiencing now. You won’t feel rushed or pressured or like a number. We will do everything we can to make you feel like the very special person that you are.